KC Brunini is the owner of THE BAR[RE] CT & Hot 11 Yoga Studio. KC completed her 200 YTT through Cape Ann Power Yoga & Union Collaborative under the instruction of Elizabeth DeAngelis. KC has also completed 40 hours of barre teacher training through Exhale® and an additional 20 hours through Union Collaborative. Since moving from Massachusetts to Connecticut in 2017, KC has brought with her an extensive knowledge of fitness and wellness originating from her strong dance background. She has had the privilege of being trained by some of the most elite professionals in the dance industry and was able to pursue a professional career of her own, dancing for various companies in the Greater Boston Area.


One of KC's core missions at Hot 11 Yoga & THE BAR[RE] is to make fitness accessible for every practitioner, regardless of age or level. Recognized for her upbeat personality, KC brings her high energy to motivate clients in every class, leaving you feeling energized, empowered, and confident.


Pamela is a certified HOT HIIT (high intensity interval training) instructor and is teaching LIIT at THE BAR[RE] and HOT LIIT at Hot 11 Yoga.  She has been in the fitness industry for 10 years, mainly teaching Spinning classes at numerous locations.  Pam is also 200 hour yoga certified specializing in 26/2, children’s yoga and Reiki 1 certified.  “Strength and endurance is what makes your mind, body and soul align.  I firmly believe that keeping your body fit and healthy keeps us young and vibrant.”  


Amanda completed her 200 hour teaching training with Kathleen Maroney in 2019.  She has been a student of Baptiste Power Yoga and will often add variety to her personal practice with other variations of vinyasa practice.  Amanda has been able to incorporate the benefits of yoga into all aspects of her everyday life and hopes her students are able to do the same. She will lead you through a challenging and fun practice in order to detox, refresh and restore the body, mind and soul so that her students are ready for whatever challenges they face in their everyday lives. 



Stefanie finished her 200 hour Baptiste inspired power yoga teacher training through Cape Ann Power Yoga and Union Collaborative. Yoga has been a huge part of Stefanie’s daily life for more than a decade. The health benefits she gained, made her crave yoga everyday. Stefanie can’t wait to share her love of yoga with her students, so they too can feel the benefits and enjoy the post yoga bliss.  

Stefanie is also a barre instructor at The Barre and a dance teacher. Fitness has always been a huge part of her life. When she’s not teaching her classes you can find her working in a salon as a hairstylist, or snuggling with her adorable dog. Stefanie and her husband will also be welcoming their first baby in December 2020!! 


Sarah completed her 200-hour yoga instructor training at 16 at Luna Vinyasa under the direction of Kathleen Maroney. Her love for athletic activities and spiritual growth brought her to yoga at a young age after a back injury. She is a young yoga student and hopes that through practicing and teaching, she can help other young people find the same love, appreciation, and joy in practicing yoga that she does. Her power classes include strength, flexibility, surrender, and softness (Sthira and Sukham). She hopes to provide students with time to let everything go and be present for themselves on their mat.

Erin’s passion for yoga, dance, traveling, and healthy living are at the core of her practice. Her dedication to the art of fluid movement blossomed early on with her tireless devotion to competitive dance and cheerleading, which later morphed into several variations of yoga. She is certified in Norby Method Yoga Barre and has her 200 hr Vinyasa Flow certification.


After graduating college in Boston, Erin journeyed west to follow her love of warm weather and surf culture. She has taught with Hot8 in Santa Monica and Malibu Beach Yoga along with locations around the world including South America, Europe, and the South Pacific. In addition to teaching, Erin also holds teacher trainings' yearly in Bali. Now happily residing back on the East Coast, she is excited to bring her love for yoga to new students and friends. 


Erin’s teaching philosophy is simple and sincere: she aims to help others thrive by nurturing the body, mind, and soul. She yearns to share the beauty of yoga with others by creating a healthy, and positive environment that all skill levels can thrive in. Her hope is that you step off the mat or leave the barre feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced. Through practice you will experience the freedom of self-discovery that yoga offers and have a great time!

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